Hostel Facility
At the entrance of every hostel, there will be gatekeeper who will lead the visitor in the reception room after seeing the permission chit issued by the hostel superintendent.
 As a rule the duration of meeting will be for fifteen minutes only, after seeing the permission chit the gatekeeper will allow the exit of the visitor

Hostel Rules & Regulation

 Hostel administration will prepare an inventory for each room. All the residents should sign the completed inventory form in the presence of hostel administration.
 In case of damages to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from student of the hostel, as decided by hostel management.
 Activities of any nature like playing loud music which may cause disturbance to the room-mates or neighbours should not be carried out in the hostel rooms.
 All students are expected to be properly dressed before moving out from the hostel premises. Decent and dignified dressing will reflect your personality and is a mark of respect to this august place of learning. Any violation will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
 Residents are advised in their own interest not to keep money or other valuables in their rooms. They my deposit all such money to their warden.